GALAXY S4 Active i537

This is for all of the Galaxy S4 users out there that are looking for  the factory firmware for their Galaxy S4.  I have this phone and had a tough time finding the OTA 4.3 firmware files.  After found them on the XDA Developer Forum I decided to make them available here  in case others were having the same problem.





The first file is the largest and includes the factory OTA 4.3 firmware I537UCUBML2 to include  a restore  image that is also installed.

I can only assume that the second and third files include updates, if anybody knows exactly what these files do please email me at

This fourth file appears to be some sort of AT&T update.  After flashing this file the flash screen on boot up says “CUSTOM” with the open lock?

I flashed these files using ODIN V3.09 with the options set to Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checked and flashed via AP , BL, CP, CSC.

All I can say is that these files worked for me perfectly.  At first I flashed just the first file (AP) but then I got to wondering about the others and ended up flashing all 4 of them without any problem,  Just the same I would still caution you to use at your own risk.  I am in no way endorsing the outcome on your phone.

Root for Galaxy S4
I537 UCUBML2 4.3 AT&T
Restore to Factory default OTA build 4.3 UCUBML2

What you need to Root your Galaxy S4

 Use at your own risk, I am not endorsing the outcome on your phone in any way.