Planning is key to a successful website. No one knows your business better than you, so your input into the design and functionality preferences of your site is essential.  My job is to interpret your ideas and turn them into a well designed functional website that meets or exceeds your expectations.


Why establish an Internet presence?

A well designed site gives your business credibility.   

Expand your market. Over 20 Million shoppers are online making purchases, you are probably one of them!

Level the playing field with larger competitors who are actively working the Internet.

Give yourself an edge, 7 of 10 solo businesses do not have websites.

Advertise products & services at minimal costs.

Scaleable to meet your needs.

What can a website do for me?

If your current business model is successful, it means that you understand what your customer wants and are able to meet those needs. If your business is struggling, you may need to think about alternatives to your current business model. For a relatively modest amount you can add a web presence and expand your business locally, nationally & globally by deploying any or all of the following web concepts.


I offer a custom website tailored to your specific needs.  One of the great things about websites is that they are very scalable. start with a limited web presence or choose to include features such as product lines, customer information, shopping carts  to give you added potential for online sales.

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